Events focused on single topics that go deeper into the world of dog training!

With each seminar, you have the option to register for a working spot or and auditing spot. If you register for a working spot, you bring your dog along to learn in an interactive, hands on way. Dogs that attend seminars must be able to be crated quietly. Working spots are limited to ten dogs.

An auditing spot is for you to come solo, without your dog. You can observe and ask questions. Auditing spots are unlimited. 

Registering in advanced is required for either type. Seminars are mostly lectures with working opportunities. They are not group classes. If you bring your dog, be prepared for them to have down time.


Phone: (612) 564-0279


Address: 7393 Bush Lake Rd 

Edina, MN 55439



Facility hours vary.

Please do not stop by

without scheduling

an appointment.

We are often in consultations

or lessons and visitors

are disruptive.