Not quite Day Camp, not quite daycare.

Dog School is a daytime program based on giving dogs a healthy, well-rounded outlet for their mental, physical, and social needs.

A "mutt-essori" of sorts - 

Dog School has limited enrollment and focuses on enrichment, structured social time, and practicing real-world skills.

Dog School is for almost any dog! The pace is personalized and appropriate for puppies and adults.

Dog School will be the best fit for you and your dog if your focus is on your dog's well-being and learning experiences. They won't play non-stop with 30 dogs a day- but they will learn how to call out of play, settle around friends. They may even go for a quiet walk with other dogs, and will get solo enrichment time.

The structure of our program will be a good fit for puppies just learning social skills, adolescents/adults who need remedial socialization, dogs who need a slower-paced/more varied environment than traditional dog daycares, and even well-adjusted dogs who just need some time out of the house during the day.

Even if your dog doesn't need/want "friends", the group environment is great for practicing appropriate communication and other skills in the presence of other dogs.

Our Dog School will only run Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week - so if you rely on care 5 days/week, we may not be the right fit.
It is our general recommendation that dogs, especially puppies, not go to daycare every day of the week regardless of the facility you use.

In order to maintain novelty and allow for new dogs to take part in the program, each dog will be re-evaluated every 2 months. If your dog is bored, sleeps all day, or just isn't enjoying Dog School as much as they once did, we may ask you to give your dog a break from attending.

  • Each dog is evaluated on an individual basis before attending Dog School.

  • Intact dogs are allowed to attend Dog School - females in season will not be permitted for the duration of their heat cycle.

  • Reactive, but not aggressive, dogs will be admitted on a case-by-case basis. The application will help determine if Dog School will be a good fit for your dog's needs.

  • Your dog must be able to settle in a crate for short periods. Rest time is essential for maintaining the flow of our program and for your dog's well-being.

What's in a day?

Drop-off time is between 7a-9a. During this time the dogs are settled and have down-time as everyone arrives.
Once all dogs are in for the day, first potty breaks and group play will begin.

Grouping for playtimes is based on the dogs in attendance with proper introductions for newbies. There will always be at least two attendants present for initial play/intros.
As the day proceeds, small groups will be rotated out for more play and/or one-on-one time with our staff. Additional enrichment activities and training vary day to day. These will be noted in your dog's report card at go home.  

Then it's one more potty break/walk for everyone and down-time until they are picked up for the day between 4pm and 6pm! Dogs will go home tired and satisfied without being overwhelmed.

Who is it for?


After viewing your application we may ask for an in person evaluation. If this is the case the cost is $50.


6 DAY PKG/ $240

12 DAY PKG/ $420

24 DAY PKG/ $720



45 minutes of one-on-one training throughout the day for specific goals - $50

Bully Stick/Stuffed Kong during break time - $5/each

15-20 minute solo walk - $20

Get started

To get started, fill out the application using the button below. This will give us some information about your dog and allow for pre-screening. After we receive your app, we will be in contact. We may ask to meet you and your dog in person prior to approval. You may also request an in person evaluation after filling out your application. The cost of this evaluation is $50. You are also welcome to e-mail us with any questions prior to filling out the form.

We look forward to hearing from you!