Think a walk around the neighborhood isn't quite enough for your dog?


Our Field Trips are 60-90 minute outings with a professional trainer where they get to explore, learn, and come home totally satisfied.


Your dog or puppy will learn about the world, practice appropriate behavior, and get out of the house during the day.

Field Trips are year-round, rain or shine!



Field Trips are for dogs of all ages and training backgrounds... even reactive or selective dogs!


Your dog's adventure is tailored to their individual needs - socially and physically.

A Field Trip can range from exploring parks and trails, a public outing to practice manners, a trip to the dog park, and even combined field trips with other social dogs.

If the weather doesn't allow for outdoor activities, we will take indoor public outing trips as well as offer playtime & enrichment at our 3,600 sq ft facility in Edina.


Field Trips are less structured than Day Camp yet offer more than mid-day walks.

It is a well-rounded outing that is incredibly beneficial for young, active dogs.

Owners report better behavior and mentally/physically satisfied dogs waiting for them when they come home.



Due to the visit duration and to allow for travel, Field Trips will require scheduling in advance.

Available packages are 6, 8, 10, or 12 visits to fit what works best for you and your dog(s)- you don't have to make an ongoing commitment, just a month at a time. 


 Maximum of 3 days/week per dog.


Packages may be split between housemates.

2nd Dog pricing applies to both dogs recieving the full number of visits.

Each package allows for one or two rollover visits  (see details for each package above.) These will be visits that can be used into the following month under the circumstance that a visit has to be rescheduled or availability does not allow for the number of visits in the package.


We start with an in-person consultation to meet and discuss your dog's needs.

During the consultation, we will also go over how to access your dog while you aren't home and any other specific details.

Your dog is picked up on their scheduled days within an agreed upon general time window (morning or afternoon.)


Your dog's walker will check-in using our GPS based app so that your dog's visit is timed from beginning to end.


You will receive an e-mail update as soon as your dog's walker leaves.

The update will include a photo of your dog and details on what they did that day.


All of our scheduling is done online through our client app.

We accept cash, check and credit card for payment.


We are Insured & Bonded.