Events focused on single topics that go deeper into the world of dog training!

With each seminar, you have the option to register for a working spot or and auditing spot. If you register for a working spot, you bring your dog along to learn in an interactive, hands-on way.
Dogs that attend seminars must be able to be crated quietly.
Working spots are limited to ten dogs.

An auditing spot is for you to come without your dog.
You can observe and ask questions. Auditing spots are unlimited. 

Registering in advanced is required for either type. Seminars are mostly lectures with working opportunities. They are not group classes. If you bring your dog, be prepared for them to have down time.



Control & Intensity
MAY 16TH & 17TH

This two day seminar is suitable for bite sport teams and for all dog sport teams wishing for increased control in high arousal.  It will contain a mix of lecture, demonstration, and problem solving for working spot teams.

Expect to see work on start lines, building value of play around the decoy/helper, heeling around the decoy/helper, call offs, grip development, line handling, etc. Emphasis will be on identifying and supplying the appropriate level of challenge for each dog, and on recommending ongoing exercises that can be practiced by each team when they do not have ready access to a regular decoy or helper.

Chad is a “positive”/ reward-based trainer and training decoy, as well as an experienced Mondioring competitor and Mondioring trial decoy.

As a trainer and competitor he and his German Shepherd Dog Sagan von Schadt achieved MR3, making them the first exclusively reward-based team in North America to do so.

Sagan was also 3rd place at Level 2 in the 2018 National Championship.

Chad is the training decoy for Fair Play Mondio, an entirely reward-based club who titled the first two “clicker dogs” in Mondioring in the USA.